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2006 Extreme Christmas Card

Growing and Changing

Christmas 2006

This is a reverse waterfall card.  Instead of pulling on the tab to activate the waterfall, it works by pushing the tab.

The envelope says "God's Little Acre: Divine Nursery Stock Since Year 1"

This is a packet of Christmas Spirit seeds from God's Little Acre: Vigorous grower if sown early.  Feed generously with good will.

It's a shaker card with various seasonal shapes.

Usually a waterfall card reveals more of the card as you activate it.  This is reversed so the pages cover up lines of the greeting as they flip open.

This is the starting position.  You see the quotation from Thoreau and the tree with only lights on it.

First push flips up a picture of our children when they were very young.  Full quotation is still visible, and some decorations are on the top of the tree.

This first picture shows the card layers.

This picture shows the card laid flat, with the first picture fully flipped.

Push further and the children grow a bit, and the tree gains more decorations.

Continuing on, the children grow still more, "Let it grow" gets bigger, and the tree is nearly decorated.

Here the card is at its end position. The children are at current age, and the tree is completely decorated complete with presents.

On the back of the card is a family picture.

(Restoration of older cards is a work in progress.)