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2007 Extreme Christmas Card

Messy Christmas

Christmas 2007

This card is essentially two tunnel books hinged in the middle. Borrowing from a design in Alisa Golden's book, Creating Handmade Books, the sides are constructed with multiple accordion pleats rather than a continuous fold, so the middle pictures will sit flat across rather than at an angle.

But first, the envelope

Front of card wrapper

The card needs to be wrapped to keep it flat enough to mail.  This card wrapper is folded around the card and secured with a sticker.

The words gradually transform from  "Messy Christmas" at the edges to "Merry Christmas"  in the center.

Our holiday letter is printed on the inside.

Unwrapping the card

The front is hinged

Pop out back

It says "East West Home is best messed."

The individual layers

East: Layered with the lobster at the back.

West: Waterfall at the back.

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