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Town and Country Extreme Christmas Card

This year's extreme Christmas card's theme is Town and Country.

I am completely enamored of  the Gotham / Got Ham witticism.

Daughter #1 lives in New York City, daughter #2 spent the summer working on a sow farm, and we parents live in the suburbs.

The envelope is printed, and shows farm, suburbs, and city.

The inside.  I was going for something smack in the center between snarky and offensive.

The words were printed first on each sheet, then the outline cut with the Cameo.

It took a while to get the settings right to cut those tiny building spires and the legs of the pig without tearing.

I put a white gel pen in my Silhouette Cameo to write the greeting on the blue card back.

This photo is on the back.  I created it with Photoshop, using the polar distortion filter.

The card stands when unfolded.

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