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Spider and Web Accordion Garland

This crisscross spiders and spider web papercraft garland is a mash up of paper chains and cascade cards.  Great for Halloween!  Hang them vertically in your doorways or swag them on your chandelier. 

The intricate cutting is best done by machine. Easy to assemble once cut!

How to make a spider garland
Make it!

Click to download file set: Silhouette Studio, DXF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space).

Files download for free. Most of my readers support my site with a small contribution when downloading.  Pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site.   Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

How to assemble spider paper chain accordion

Open file and check the size.  It should be 11" wide.  Resize if needed. 

Assembled, one set of spiders shrinks to half that length (about 5-6").  The next picture shows one set.

Just to give you an idea of how many to make, I needed two sets glued together between each arm of my chandelier (10 sets for a 5 light chandelier).

This is two sets glued together, top view.

Cut out your spider sets.  I like to use two slightly different shades of card stock.

Notice that in each set there is a chain of spider with slots in their heads, and a chain with slots in their bodies.  These slide together.

Accordion fold the head-slot spider chain, folding approximately down the vertical center line of each web.  I found it wanted to fold just to one side of the center post.  That's fine! 

Set it down with the left-hand end spider's head down and slot facing down.  Depending on how you pleated it, it will form a W or an M.  Mine is an M.

Hold the body-slot spider chain with the left-hand end spider's head facing down so its slot is facing up.  Accordion fold it so the folds go the opposite way (M if you had W, above; or W if you had M ) of the folds on the head-slot spiders.  Mine is a W.

Slot together all of the spiders, head slot to body slot.

When slotted together properly, you will be able to fold the entire chain flat.

To connect sets together, overlap and glue together the webs on the ends.

You can leave the webs on the ends of your completed chain or snip them off.