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Sep 23, 2015

Help me, help me!

I'm in a paper crafting slump (maybe you noticed?) and need some inspiration, so I'm turning to you, my readers, some of the most creative people out there.

Is there something you've wanted to make but didn't know how?  Do you wish you had a cutting file for some neat-o paper craft?   (You know my favorite thing is to figure out how to make something from a picture, right?)

Do you have an idea for a project you think I'd like? I'm ready to try some new things. 

Show me your crafting bucket list!  

You can comment below(with links if you like),  or post on the Extreme Cards Facebook page (the public one), or the other Facebook group (the one you have to join).


Mary said...

Tops on my bucket list is learning how to do folded book page sculptures, like these:

kcli said...

Anything related to Kirigami (sp?) is a treat!

Love your blog!

Gail said...

Love Mary and kcli's ideas. I also love these 360 degree visual stories:


Sue from Oregon said...

A maze file. The paths would need to be wide enough to make a penny slider so that you could move an image along the path of the maze!

Silvia said...

How about a cut file for this piano card?


Thanks for all your inspiration and all you share!

Robyn said...

Wow! a great offer. I'll have to think about it and get back to you!

linda said...

Love Gail's idea. These 360 degree books really fall under the "extreme" papercrafts category in my opinion. The sample with the Christmas tree, deer and snowflakes is especially beautiful. I have done some of the book folding but I have never done a word sculpture. It looks very interesting.

diane forgione said...

Posted on Facebook, but what Im trying to do is make an Advent Calender with fillable drawers but have it be shaped like a farm house with the windows and doors being where the pull out drawers are. Dont have any photos or links only my failed attempts. Would love to be able to make it for my Grandaughters this year. Any help you could give would be a real boon.

Djamila Khiter said...

I love 3D projects...all object arround us can be created in beautiful papers and embelished...


Connie Walsh said...

I love Diane's idea. I would love me a different advent calendar. Have little ones around to craft for!!

cma21317 said...

anything southwest. please

Petrina Case Studio said...

I designed a Bird Pop-Up card with you in mind - with a happy poem.
Let me know if you need help making it:

Happy thoughts,

sylviescrapwomaine said...

I also love 3D projects like these shadow boxes http://www.loisirscreatifs.kirigami.fr/Kirigami_modeles/Livres-de-Modeles/Cahiers-de-Kirigami/Produit/Cahier-de-Kirigami-Num19
I love your blog

Christina said...

With christmas coming up in a few months, I would dearly love to make a bethlehem skyline this year for one of my mom's nativity sets. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/192177109075604142/

This is extra super generic, but I'd like a post with a bunch of ways to make books and cards interactive for little kids.

I can't seem to get the interior mechanism right in this one.

Christina said...

I'm also always on the lookout for fantasy and scifi popup cards like this one:

We are a family full of geeks.

Christina said...

One more idea that I've been eyeing for a while:


Carol P said...

Christina, the Paris through the window pop up is from a book by Laura Badalucco. This is it: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0806944900/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0806944900&linkCode=as2&tag=extrecardsand-20&linkId=VQ6WIDRQTVBSHT4A

Carol P said...

Definitely want to try the Advent calendar! I also love those shadow boxes that are half way between a tunnel book and a card-in-a-box.

The piano card is easy--I'll probably do that one first.

These are all great ideas.

Christina said...

Oh thanks! You just made my day! I really want to do a Melbourne through a window card.

Also, I saw this and thought of you today.


Jessie Adams said...

I'd like a picture tutorial for an open mailbox with letter/card popping out - either from the mailbox top or side.

Oh, just thought...maybe a USPS mailbox whose bottom large door opens to reveal mail/packages and the top door opens to show a holiday/occasion greeting.

Carol P said...

Silvia, the piano card-in-a-box is made on the box shown in this video.