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Candy Corn Corner Bookmark

Candy corn--love it or hate it? I don't care to eat it, but the colors are cheerful and seasonal.

This is a quick and easy paper craft bookmark suitable for hand cutting or machine cutting.

How to make a candy corn corner bookmark

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Cut pieces from white, orange and yellow paper.

Crease diagonal creases of corner base.

Fold in one side of the corner base and apply glue to the top. 

Fold in the other side and adhere.  This is the back of the bookmark.

You can make this even faster by using a plain white envelope (recycled junk mail!) for the corner base.   Measure from the corner 2.75" on two sides, connect the two points and cut!

Flip the corner over to the front.

Adhere the white top and the yellow bottom to the corner, abutting the bottom of the white to the top of the yellow piece.

Adhere the orange middle, matching side edges to the edges of the base corner.

Add eyes and mouth if you like.


Slide onto your page to mark your place.