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Pleated Heart Embellishment

I'm sure I re-invented the wheel when I designed this file.  Mostly, it was an exercise to help me understand how to create shapes in pleated form.

how to make a pleated heart

See this post for a pleated paper star (and scroll to the bottom to learn how to make any pleated paper shape).

how to make pleated shapes

How to make an accordion pleated paper craft heart

Suitable for hand or machine cutting.

Click to download file set: Silhouette Studio, PDF, DXF, SVG (how to use my SVG files in Cricut Design Space).
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The file set includes two sizes of pleated hearts.
Finished, the large heart is 3" wide, and the small heart is 2" wide.

The heart pieces look like a fish!  The "mouth" end is the top of the heart and the "tail" end is the point of the heart. The grey-outlined hearts indicate the finished size and the black-outlined hearts are the backing pieces.

Download, cut and score.

If you are hand cutting, score first, then cut.  The score lines are 1/4" apart for those of you who have a score board.

pleated heart template diagram

Adhere the pieces together at the top of the heart (the mouth end)using the glue tab.
(This photo is from the star, but the tabs are the same).

pleated heart glued

 Here are the two pieces glued together at the top of the heart. Pleat the entire piece, starting with a mountain fold (bump up) at the center.

how to pleat heart
Using the other glue tab, adhere the pieces at the point of the heart (the tail end), forming a ring. Arrows point to where the pieces are glued together. You should have a mountain fold at this join at the heart point.

glue point for pleated heart

Flatten the heart. The straight edge forms a center circle.

assemble pleated heart

Now comes the fun part.  You need to squish the heart until the center circle is as small as you can make it, and while holding that, simultaneously glue on a backing to hold the pleats in place.

Spread a generous amount of glue on the backing piece.  I used a circle that I cut freehand.  You have a heart-shaped backing included in the file set.

pleated shape glue backing

Push the pleats in, working around and around the heart.  Once you have them the way you like them, slap that glue-covered backing onto the back.

pleated heart collapsed

I like to turn it to the front and continue to push and adjust until I like the way it looks.  Use whatever you have (bookends are good) to support the edges until it dries.  I usually put something flat and not too heavy on top, too.

front of pleated heart

I like to add a little jewel in the center.

completed pleated heart with jewel