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Last Minute Mother's Day Cards

Still need a Mother's Day greeting card?

Here are some (relatively) quick cards you can make.  Some are best suited for machine cutting (free SVG and Silhouette Studio cutting files included), and some can be hand cut. 

Teapot and Tea Cup Pop Up Card
Easy assembly.  Cut by machine. 

Heart Card
Change the sentiment, and you're all set for Mother's Day.

Three Flower Pop Up Card 
 Flowers and vase are easy to hand cut. 

Positive/Negative Heart Frame
Heart shaped card. Pop your favorite photo on the front and you're done!
Flower Pop Up Card
Cut by machine.  Assembles very quickly.

 Paper Rose Card
Can be hand cut. Takes a little while to assemble as you have to wait for the glue to dry, but it's not difficult to make.

Three Flower Daisy Pop Up Card
Cut by machine.  Easy to assemble with just a few drops of glue, or glue dots.

Hawaiian Quilt Block Card
Quick to cut, either by hand or machine.  A little glue and it's finished.