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Conversation Heart Accordion Flip Card

The devil is in the details of this conversation heart accordion card paper craft.  It's all about the embellishments!

conversation heart card open

heart card back

How to make a valentine accordion flip card 

Download file set: PDF, SVG (how to use my files in Cricut Design Space), Silhouette Studio

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If you have never made an accordion flip card I suggest watching this video first.
Also see more detailed assembly photos of a similar card, the Egg Accordion Flip Card post here.  

Cut the pieces

Cut and score 4 base card pieces from card stock (mine is white).  Black lines are cut lines, orange/red lines are score lines.


Cut 4 frame liners from decorative paper for the front:  you will need 2 sheets of 8.5" x 11" or 1 sheet of 12" x 12"(dotted).

Cut 4 frame liners from decorative paper for the back (striped).

--The liner file includes an inner heart.  You only need one set of 4 to cover the backs of the hearts.--

Cut the 4 conversation hearts from your choice of colors.  I used green, red, purple, and blue.

Assemble base card

Crease all score lines.

Join the four panels using the long side tabs.  Do not join the hearts at their edges yet.

You will have an extra side tab on one end.  Cut it off.


With the card flat, adhere the four conversation hearts to the front of the card. Be sure to glue in the tiny centers of the letters B and A, and the 4 Os.

Adhere the front frame liners to the front frames, and the back frame liners to the back frames.  Do not put the back hearts on yet.

Join Hearts 
Stand the card up and arrange it in a zig zag.  The center of the card should be a valley fold and the intersection of the side panels mountain folded.

Rotate the hearts by creasing  the score lines at the tops and bottoms of the hearts.

conversation heart card tabs

Start joining the hearts with the center two hearts (red and purple on mine).

Rotate the red heart clockwise and the purple heart counter-clockwise until their edges meet, in a mountain fold. Glue the tab on the purple heart to the back of the red heart.

Attach the green heart to the red heart by rotating the green heart counterclockwise until the edge meets the red heart, in a valley fold.  Glue the tab on the red heart to the back of the green heart.

In a similar way glue the blue heart to the purple heart by rotating the blue heart clockwise, and gluing the tab to the back of the purple heart.

You will have an extra tab on the green heart.  Cut it off.

Finish Decorating

Adhere the heart-shaped liners of your choice to the backs of the hearts, covering the tabs.

Collapse the creases to fold the card flat.  (You are seeing the back of the green heart.  The other three hearts are stacked under it.)

heart accordion card closed