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Vintage Dollhouse Paper Houses Part 1

The other day, somehow, I got to browsing through pictures of vintage dollhouses.  Naturally, I thought I would try replicating a couple in paper, scaled down to shelf village size.

First I tried out this green Tudor, from a picture of a Rich dollhouse on Dollhouse Shenanigans.  (Scroll down to the second one up from the bottom of the page.) 

This house is approximately 4.75" wide and tall, and 3" deep

shelf village green Tudor doll house

Download printable PDF file for Tudor

Files download for free; pay what you wish. Suggested contribution for this file is $1.99.

Print the Tudor house pieces on white card stock and cut out; cut the roof from directly from brown cardstock.

Crease the tabs on the house.  Assemble the house by adhering the side tabs. 

Crease the roof.  Adhere to house using top tabs. Note that the roof is asymmetrical.  Be sure to match the longer side of the roof to the longer side of the house.

Next post is this pink roofed Cape Cod which is from a picture of a Keystone dollhouse on My Vintage Dollhouses (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page). 

Pink roof Cape Cod doll house paper house

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