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Circle Back Diagonal Card in a Box

Here is a lovely spring  pop up card for Easter or Mother's Day.

box card pop up card

This is an easier and more versatile version of the flower diagonal box previously posted. 

The basic form has two curved surfaces for you to add whatever decoration you choose.

how to make a box card

How to Make a Circle Back Diagonal Card in a Box

Download file set: PDF, Silhouette Studio, DXF, SVG.

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.99.

box card templte free


Cut box pieces from card stock.  Cut embellishments and flap liners as desired.  (Black=cut, red=score.)

Adhere left and right box pieces at center front.

card in a box cut file

Adhere center front V-folded crescent:  Match center front points and side folds to card center front point and folds. Apply adhesive to the tabs on the V-fold and adhere them to the inside of the card front.

box card pattern

 You may wish to adhere this front piece with the card opened out (top photo), or folded in half (bottom photo).  Do a dry run with the pieces and see what feels more comfortable for you.

With the card semi-open, creased at the center front, curl the hooked pieces into the center back.

box card diagonal

 Insert the hooked pieces between the front and back flaps, at the side corners of the box.

Fold the card flat.

card in a box closed

Open out one back panel and adhere the inside panels where they touch. Do not adhere the two hooked crescents together!

diagonal card in a box gluing

pop up card template free

Decorate as desired.  Do not glue anything across the center fold of either crescent or the card will not open and close properly.

You can extend items a little bit forward on the front fold of the front crescent because of the direction it folds.  See how my orange flower petals stick forward a little?  That works.

springtime box card

Keep everything clear of the fold on the back crescent, however.

card in a box with flowers free

3d pop up card daffodils

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