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Tessellation Lizards

This birthday card was inspired by a well-known Escher design of tessellated lizards.

The card is cut in four layers. From top to bottom the colors are gray, black, white, and then a black base card.

Recommended for machine cutting.

Free cutting file templates:
Download file set: PDF, Silhouette Studio, SVG, DXF.

Assemble in this order. 1.Lay out the white layer. 2.Adhere the black layer on top. Note that the center two black lizards are not attached to the rest of this cut out. Refer to the photograph to position them correctly. (I first made sure the lizards were knee-to-knee, then foot-to-foot.) 3. Adhere the gray layer. 4. Lastly, adhere the entire lizard sandwich to the base card.

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