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Jan 14, 2014

Sliceform Icosidodecahedron Tutorial

Ready for some challenging sliceforms?
This icosidodecahedron is formed from 6 circular pieces. It does not fold flat.

How to assemble the sliceform icosidodecahedron

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

Download file set: PDF, Silhouette Studio, DXF, SVG
Cut pieces, A to F.
You will need some way to identify each piece and the slots on each piece. You can pencil the markings, or use low tack tape or does anyone have a better plan?
Lay the pieces out and turn them until the slots match the following descriptions.
Slice A: inside slots at 1,2,6,7.
Slice B: inside slots at 1,6.
Slice C: all outside slots.
Slice D: outside slots at 3,5,8,10.
Slice E: outside slots at 5, 10.
Slice F: all inside slots.
Mark the letter on each. Mark the slot numbers.
Begin assembly with pieces A and B.
Slot together A1 and B2; A6 and B7.
Add piece C.
Slot together B1 and C2.
C6 to A7.
C1 to A2; B6 to C7.
Now add piece D.
D2 to A3.
D1 to C10.
D6 to C5; D7 to A8: D9 to B4; D4 to B9.
Add piece E.
Begin with E1 slotted to A10.
Then work your way around E. E2 to B3; E3 to D10; E4 to C9; skip E5. Slot E6 to A5; E7 to B8; E8 to D5; E9 to C4; E10 to F5.
Add piece F.
F1 to A4; F2 to D3; F3 to B10; F4 to C3; F5 to E10; F6 toA9; F7 to D8; F8 to B5; F9 to C8; F10 to E5.
Now that you've made a plain sample, try a heart shaped one. Warning, this almost made my head explode. Proceed at your own risk!
Download heart icosidodecahedron files: Studio, DXF, SVG, PDF
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