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Conversation Heart Paper Ball

conversation heart paper ball
This is an easy kusudama type paper ball printed with hearts in sweetheart candy (conversation heart) colors.
Each half is similar to a circle book, but does not flatten.
How to Make a Conversation Heart Sphere
Download and print four copies of the heart sheet (PDF, Silhouette Studio). Cut out the eight heart sets.
conversation heart paper ball
Fold each heart in on the crease line and unfold.
Construct the eight pieces, gluing the white half heart under the heart next to it (blue or orange).
conversation heart paper ball

sweetheart paper ball

Sort into two groups of 4.
Push the pieces together to form half of the ball. Arrange the colors as you like.
Glue the pieces back to back to form a half sphere, flat on the bottom. Align the hearts to each other carefully.
sweetheart paper ball

Glue the other 4 pieces in a similar fashion, then glue the two hemispheres to each other, back to back. Clip the joins with paperclips until the ball is dry.

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