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Leaf Edged Sliceform Torus Tutorial

This torus, unlike many sliceforms, does not collapse flat.

I was inspired by Yoshinobu Miyamoto, and Elaine Wolfe's scalloped edge torus.

sliceform torus

Download file set. Includes PDF, DXF, SVG, Silhouette Studio format. Cut 8 of each piece.

The assembly process is not complicated, just frustrating. You will spend a lot of time putting pieces back when they come undone. I plan to try painter's tape to hold things together temporarily.

Take a look at this video from dutchpapergirl for the basics. (Note that her torus has more pieces than mine. Assembly is the same.)

The most important concept is: like slot to like slot. In other words, when putting two pieces together, you are always matching the slots in the same position on the two pieces to each other. Be sure you are not matching a slot on one piece to the mirror image slot on the other piece.

The video doesn't show one crucial assembly step which may cause difficulty: joining the last few pieces and closing the circle.

For me, this happens when adding the last piece of one color, with a couple pieces of the other color not yet added. As you start matching the slots on that last piece, you will find that the torus wants to curl in to make a circle. Encourage it to curl in as you slide the slots together. Now look carefully to see where the remaining pieces of the other color need to go. It will be obvious very quickly if you try to put them wrong.

Finally, go around the piece, pulling the slots firmly together and checking for mismatches.