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The Lost Month

School is finally out! I've been barely keeping my head above water in May and June.

Since Mother's Day, I've made:

Three of these zig zag fold Thank You cards for my volunteers at my "real" job.

Four of these pop up cards for a fundraiser.

One of these candy bouquets with a dog paper model for a birthday.

One of these pop up cards for Father's Day.

One of these paper roses for a music teacher.

Two of these money boxes for graduates: one red, one blue.

graduation cap money holder

graduation cap money holder

Three of these pop up words Thank You notes for scholarships.

Two of the heart ones in red and blue. One in yellow and blue for Rotary.

thank you pop up card

Fourteen of these paper pieced fox Thank You cards for work.

Still to do: a pop up school bus Thank You for our school transportation department, which has retrieved innumerable of my children's belongings over the past 16 years!

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