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Mother's Day Magic Explosion Box

This Mother's Day, for once, I did not make a card that would fold flat and fit in an envelope. I made a magic explosion box featuring a pond lily with floating butterflies, dragonflies, and bees.

It's similar to a birthday box I made a couple years ago, but a little bigger.

magic explosion box

I referred to Elaine's tutorial to make the frog pond magic explosion box, but designed mine as a 3.5" cube.

magic explosion box

The pond lily paper flower pattern is from an ancient Dennison book about making crepe paper flowers. If you don't happen to have that hanging around your house, there is a very similar flower on bliss bloom blog. I used regular white glue to hold mine together, and smooshed the stamen rather than having it stand up.

The butterflies and such are dimensionals from K&Company. I bought them at Joann Fabrics. They are stuck back to back with a 1/2" wide acetate strip in between.

Closed up it looks like this.

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