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Sliceform Fish Bowl Pop Up Card

How to make sliceforms

Just recently I received a couple inquiries about adapting my sliceform fish bowl design for a pop up card. It's funny how old posts float around and re-surface every now and then!
sliceform fish bowl
In my mind it seemed straightforward enough, but it didn't work exactly as I expected.
This is what I came up with in the end--a boxy base. (Colored with blue marker so you can see where the base part is.)

How to make a sliceform fish bowl in a pop up card
Download file set (SVG, DXF, PDF, studio)
You will need a base card about 8" tall by 13" wide, folded in half to make an 8" x 6.5" card.
Cut out pieces. (I had to reduce the size to 95% to fit on my CraftRobo cutting mat.) Score the creases on the base.
Assemble as described in the sliceform fish bowl post. Obviously, the bottom of this fish bowl will have base pieces attached, but the assembly is essentially the same.
The fish bowl base is a diagonal box pop up (see Lesson 21). It is glued into the card in much the same manner as the gingerbread house, and the sliceform Christmas tree.
Collapse the fish bowl so that the two tabbed base sections are stacked, one on top of the other, not side by side.

Fold the two untabbed base sections up and out of the way, on the creases.

Fold the entire on-top-layer tabbed base section up and out of the way.

Fold just the foot of the underneath-layer tabbed base section up. (Green arrow in picture below). You are going to glue this under layer first.
Refer to the gingerbread house instructions on how to use a square piece of card stock to establish the 45° guideline on the base card. Be careful to slide the fish bowl down until it is completely inside the card at the top. (Red arrow in photo below.)

Do you see the problem with my base card? (Purple arrow.)

It's not wide enough. This is an 8.5" x 11" piece of card stock and I need another inch of width to keep the fishbowl from showing when the card is closed.

Spread glue on the turned up foot of the underneath tabbed base section. Unfold foot, gluing it to the card.

Pull down the other tabbed base section, the one you had folded up. Spread glue on the foot of this tabbed base section.

Close card. Weight and let dry.
This view shows the two feet glued to the card.

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