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Balloons Birthday Card

This is my daughter's version of a balloon banner card by Kristin St. Clair that was on Pinterest.
pop up balloons birthday card
Here is the original card.

My daughter didn't like all the strings hanging down, so she drew just a suggestion of a string on each balloon with a gel pen.

There is a photo series by Kristin showing how to assemble the card is here.
To make our version, cut the balloon part of the file (DXF or SVG or PDF) four times, in four different colors.

Print the banner part of the file, changing out the stripe colors to match your balloons if you want.
Fold a 12" square piece of cardstock in half to be the base card.
We laid all the balloons out first, then decided which ones needed a little lift. We used a combination of pop up props (as shown in Kristin's pictures) and stacked glue dots.
Trim the card to height after gluing down all the balloons. The finished size of ours is about 9" tall.
Open the card and lay it flat to attach the banner strings. Lay the top string tight across the card and tape it at each side temporarily with painter's tape. Fold down the top of each flag of "HAPPY" and glue to the string, starting in the center.

Tape down one end of the bottom string with painter's tape. Pull down on the string until you are pleased with the placement. Tape the other end and attach the "BIRTHDAY" flags.
Once you are happy with the placement glue down the ends of the string with a bead of white glue. Leave the tape in place until the glue dries. Remove tape and trim string ends.

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