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Valentine Heart Corner Bookmark

How to make a fast and easy valentine heart corner bookmark
Start with a small square piece of paper. I used origami paper because it's easy to fold.
Crease on both diagonals and then open.

Cut out and discard one of the four triangles formed by the creases.

Fold shut on the creases, first one flap, then the other, making a triangle.

The longest side is on the top, and horizontal. Match the two points of the longest side, folding the triangle in half.

With this crease that you have just made running vertically, draw half a heart as shown.

Cut out the heart.

If you open the paper completely you should see three attached hearts like this.

Fold in one flap and spread glue on the right side (the "good" side).

Fold in the other flap and adhere.
You should be able to open the heart like this to slide it on to your book page.

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