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Family Christmas card for 2012

The possible end of the world is a cheery theme for holiday cards, don't you think? But stick with me for a minute, it all comes together.

This is the envelope, referencing the Mayan calendar.

creative Christmas cards pop up

To make the silhouettes, I took photographs of each of us against a plain background. I then traced around each figure with Photoshop, and filled the shapes with black. The sunburst background is from here.

family silhouette

The card is closed with a strap. The tab of the strap slides into a slit on the front of the card.

When the card opens, a rubber band activated flinger mechanism explodes confetti out to the right.

flinger card

There's a video on Hog Wild About Stamping showing a similar card in action.

All of the presents are pop up boxes. The bottom two are simple boxes attached to each other and straddled across the center fold. They collapse to the right. The top two are popped up by the rubber band. They collapse to the left. The center fold of the card holds the mechanism in place until the card is about half open and then shoots the confetti about 10 feet!

The inside graphic started as this one. I changed the color and cloned different parts to fill the card shape properly.

pop up presents card

The back of the card has the greeting.

A separate folded piece has our news of the year.

holiday newsletter

You can see the last 20+ years of cards here.

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