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Dec 22, 2012

Popular Christmas Projects

You have still a couple days until Christmas. How about making one of these TOP TEN winter and Christmas projects from Extreme Cards?

10. Incire Ornament

9. Slotted Snowflake

slotted snowflake

8. Pop Up Present Card

present pop up card
7. Sliceform Snowflake

sliceform snowflake

6. 3D Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

christmas tree pop up card

5. Extreme Christmas Cards

4. Twist Top Snowflake Box

snowflake box

3. Gingerbread House Pop Up Card

pop up gingerbread house

2. Sliceform Christmas Tree

sliceform christmas tree

1. Five Pointed Origami Star

origami star

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Soraya said...

Your cards are amazing! Thank you for being so generous.

Have a merry Christmas! and I Wish you all good things for this New Year!

Erin said...

Last year for Christmas I made your incite ornament out of old posters from work and gave them to co-workers. Great way to recycle as they knew exactly what the paper was (and the back side was white, so it contrasted). However, we decided we liked it with the points sticking out rather than tucked in, for a bit of dimension to them.

Carol said...

It's interesting how some kinds of paper work better a slightly different way. You know you can always send me pictures and I'll put them up, right?