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Haunted House Pop Up Card

Another house pop up card! This Halloween house is a modification of the haunted house printable from PaperToys.

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How to make a Haunted House pop up card
Print the pdf from PaperToys on card stock. Print the modification template pdf on regular paper. Black lines are cut lines. Red lines are score lines.

----Assemble the house----
Cut out the haunted house. Modify it as shown on the template. You will cut off all tabs except the far left tab on the side of house and the two small, horizontal rectangular tabs at the top of the house front. You will cut off most of the base of the house, creating glue tabs where shown.
Cut roof off the rest of the house. Cut the horizontal brown strip from the top of the roof piece.
Cut roof in half horizontally.
Cut a black or brown roof extension piece. Cut a roof prop from any scrap of card stock--it won't show.

Score house, roof extension, and roof prop, following red lines on the template.
Glue printed roof parts to roof extension, one of each side.

Cut house apart on each side of the front door.

Cut a piece of the brown strip that was on the roof to cover each of the small rectangles on the front door part of the house. Glue and trim.

Spread glue on uprights next to door and adhere under side pieces, matching vertical lines.

Glue house together at side.

----Attach the roof----
Glue roof prop into gable ends, matching top points, vertical center line and cut edges.

Glue roof prop into center fold of roof. (If you need more details about attaching the roof, click over to the Gingerbread tutorial.)

----Glue to base card----
Cut a base card 6" x 12" and fold in half.
Collapse house as shown. Check the tabs. The shorter set should be under the longer set and not visible.

Cut a 6" square of scrap paper. Fold in half on the diagonal.
Lay square on base card, aligning center folds.
Slide the tabs of the house under the top right-hand diagonal of the square, aligning the bottom edge of the house with the outside edge of the square. The left bottom point of the house should be right at the center fold. (I borrowed the next two pictures from the Gingerbread House tutorial).

Move the square and the collapsed house up and down along the center fold until the roof is not hanging off the top edge of the base card.

Check that the house is still aligned with the square and the point is still at the center fold.
Remove house and pencil the right hand diagonal onto the base card. Remove square.

Replace house with the point at the center fold of the card and the tab fold line--the bottom of the house--on the penciled line. Apply glue to the house tabs that are facing up.

Close card, flip over, glue the other set of tabs. Close card and allow to dry completely.
Trim base card and decorate as you like.

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