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Halloween Bat Twister Card

This tricky Halloween card is cut flat from a single piece of paper. After cutting, the entire right-hand side is rotated and matched up with the left-hand side. You have to look carefully to see where the large bat was cut from.

How to make the bat twister card
Download  file set.

Files download for free; contribute what you wish.  Suggested amount for this design: $2.99.

Cut the file from paper that is the same on both sides. Save the large and small cut out bats and the cloud wisps.

Crease the horizontal center score line.

Grab the top of the right side of the card, and pull it toward you, flipping the entire half of the card 180°. The BACK side of the right half of the card is now face up.

 See a video of the flip here.

Select a base card. Where you would normally fold it in half, cut it in half instead.

Spread glue on one half of the bat card, everywhere except on the large bat.

Glue the bat card to one piece of the base card, aligning the fold of the bat card with the cut edge of the base card

Glue the other half of the bat card to the other half of the base card. Do not get glue on the large bat.

(In this photo only the left half has been glued.)

Be sure the base card opens flat without the cut edges overlapping.

Glue the small bat cutouts and cloud wisps to fill in the empty spots.

Trim the card. I used my fabulously wonderful Perfect Layers rulers to cut perfect borders.

Fill in the A, P, and O letters with a fine point marker.

Use the larger bat cutouts on the front of the card if you like.

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