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Sand Bucket with Candy Rocks and Shells

Here's a fun little treat bucket. It's the perfect size to fill with candy rocks or candy sea shells or how about some gummy sharks and sea turtles?

The candy pebbles and sea shells shown come from Candy Galaxy, who recently sent me a complimentary sample.
Can you believe how realistic this stone is?

The candy sea shells are chocolate with a hard shell coating. The pebbles are a variety of insides--nuts, mints, liquid centers--all with chocolate. My family and I have been nibbling our way through them and rarely find two alike. They are not your usual flavors. I feel very European eating them.
Wouldn't these be cute favors for a beach wedding or a dinosaur birthday party?
The treat container is constructed like the bottom of the acorn box.
How to make a beach pail treat box
Download the template PDF or DXF or SVG

Construct the bucket, following directions for the acorn box.
Cut a small strip of card stock for a handle, width and length to your preference. Fasten handle to bucket with brads (paper fasteners). Because my fasteners had long legs, I used needle-nose pliers to curl them up and get them out of the way.
I decorated my bucket with Elmer's Designer Masking Tape.

Fill with candy!

Disclosure: Candy Galaxy is an advertiser on this site and provided free samples of candy pebbles and candy shells.
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