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Globe Sliceform Tutorial

I had a little fun with this globe sliceform. Instead of arranging the slices to form a square grid like this one by yarik, I made the longitudinal slices meet at the poles.

 How to make sliceforms

Unlike most sliceforms, this globe is sliced along the lines of longitude rather than having straight vertical slices. It does not fold flat.

How to make the globe sliceform

Download template PDF or SVG1 and SVG2 and cut out pieces.

globe sliceform

On the first page there are four pieces, three the same (mine are red, light green, dark green) and one different (pink). Start with the "different" (pink) one, and one of the other three pieces (red).

Notice, also, that the top and bottom of each piece is narrow, and the right and left of each piece is wider.

Slot red and pink together, at their centers, top and bottom.

Fold the green pieces in half, with the crease running from top to bottom.

Slot one green piece into pink on the one side of red and the other green piece into pink on the other side of red.

(Another way to assemble this part is to stack the pieces green-red-green, slot all three into the pink piece, top and bottom, and then crease the green pieces away from the center.)

Attach the center (equator) circle next. Slide it part way down over the north pole and tilt it enough to match the center slot on one of the longitude slices. Work around the globe, sliding in one slice at a time and pushing down the equator piece until all the slices are in the slots.

Add the other latitude slices in the same way, one at a time.