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Easter Rabbits Magic X Pop Up Card

I made up the name "Magic X Pop Up" for this card, because I don't know it's called. It's another one of those cards that confuses your brain, but is really very simple--like the Cranberries Twister Card.

My inspiration was this card by Akihiro Igarashi

I couldn't find a pattern for it, so I re-created it to figure out how it worked.

UPDATE 2018: The swan pattern has been published in a book!

Very cool. You can't imagine how it can be cut from a single sheet of paper.

This card works great with any design that has 4-way symmetry.

I based my drawing on an Easter bunny design I found while searching "wycinanki". It's from here.
Topp, a German publisher, has wonderful designs that work well. (Use Google image search and search words: filigran Topp.)

How to make an Easter Rabbit Magic X pop up card

Download file set: PDF, DXF, Silhouette Studio, SVG.

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

Cut on black lines, score on red lines.

Crease the card at the center fold line, then unfold.

Crease the two long folds at the bottom of each pair of bunnies.

Crease the short folds near where each bunny pair is attached to the card.

This is the tricky part. Pull the two bunny pairs toward the center of the card. One entire bunny has to slide through the hole between the two bunnies on the other pair. Curl the ears down and stick the head through, then work the rest in.

The center slots line up and slide together: top and bottom.

Here is a video of the swan pair assembly. There's more space between the swans than the bunnies, but the slot assembly is the same.

You have several options for gluing the assembled bunnies into your base card.

1. You can glue it just as it is. If you use a base card the same color as your cut card you can show off the clever design of the card without the cut-outs being too distracting. (Mine is in contrasting colors to help you see it.)

2. You can trim off the cut out parts and leave just a center strip to glue to the base card.

3. You can trim almost all of the card away, cutting two tabs to slide through slits cut in the base card. Cut along green lines (on the purple card) to make the tabs. Lay the cut card on the base card, aligning center folds. Cut slits as shown by the yellow line (the placement of the other one is hidden, on the left).

Slide tabs through slits and adhere to outside of card. You will need to cover these tabs when you decorate the front and back of the card.