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Feb 12, 2012

Solid Sliceform Heart

Solid sliceform heart tutorial

sliceform valentine heart

I also have a lattice version (open) here.

Folds flat!
sliceform heart

I started graphing this heart two years ago and just got around to finishing it!

How to construct a solid sliceform valentine heart

Download and cut files PDF or DXF1 and DXF2 or SVG1 and SVG2

sliceform heart

The pieces are numbered from the center out: A1 and B1 are the center and A4 and B4 are the small, outside pieces.

In my sample the A pieces are pink and the B pieces are red.

Start slotting the pieces together in the center, with A1 and B1.

sliceform heart

A1 and B1 form a cross at the center of the heart.

Move the little hook barely out of the way as you slide the pieces together, and then back. This keeps the pieces from sliding apart again! (I added the hooks after I made my sample. They should work fine, but please let me know if they don't and I'll make a new prototype and fix the files).

The rest of the pieces are added in pairs.

Slide the center slots of the A2 pieces into B1, each one on the next empty slot out from the center.

sliceform heart

If you look at the heart from the top you have three A pieces running across, and B1 from front to back.

sliceform heart

Slide the B2 pieces on: center slots of B2s to next available slots of A1 and onto the second slots of A2s. Top view shows the A2 and B2 pieces forming a square.

sliceform heart

Add the A3 pieces, center slots of A3s to the third slots of B1, also slotted into B2s.

sliceform heart

Add the B3 pieces, center slots of B3s to the third slots of A1 and slotted to the A2 and A3 pieces.

sliceform heart

Finally, add the A4 and then the B4 pieces. I find it easiest to put the center on first and then the side slots.

sliceform heart

sliceform heart

Add a thread through the hole in B1 and hang.

To use as a card, you can hang the heart from a stand. Tutorial in this post.

sliceform pop up card heart
(Shown with an open work heart designed by Rich of Creative Pop Ups.)
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Gente de Massinha said...

Thank you Carol :)

Foxycrafts said...

This is lovely. Thank you.

Love Joan xx

Trisha said...

I can't believe it! Just two days ago, I was wishing for a heart sliceform! Thank you so much both for the files and for the tutorial!

Cindy2 said...

What a lot of work - thanks so much for your effort.

Linda Q said...

This is incredible.. and since I am behind with getting Valentines made.. I was so happy to find this.. you did a great job.. thank you.. but.. lol.. I can not get the files to open with SCAL 2.. I did make a capture and the file has blackouts across the cuts.. I can send you this if it will help.. Please could you give me some idea what I need to do? Thank you so much again.

Carol said...

There was an open node on A1. Try it now?

Nancy S said...

What a great heart! I made a spiral heart for an explosion box card for DH this year, using your tutorial. thanks!

Kate said...

Hi Carol....lovely to come across your blog...your work is incredible.

I am really intrigued to find out about more about cutting machines. I have never even seen one let alone used one so wondered what your experiences of them are...? Would be be lovely to hear your opinion...

vcslo said...

Oh! really nice!