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Oct 24, 2011

Pumpkin Cube Pop Up

pumpkin cube pop up

Just reminding you that Paper Box World has a bunch of cute Halloween designs.

Some of the designs can be transformed into a pop up card.

How to create a pop up card from the pumpkin cube

Download and print the pumpkin cube from Paper Box World.

Create a prop from the bottom square of the pumpkin as shown on the modification diagram (below). Score on dotted lines and cut out.

pumpkin cube pop up

pumpkin cube pop up

Score dotted lines on the pumpkin, both the ones on the original pattern and the ones added by me on the modification diagram.

Cut out pumpkin.

Cut off the top two squares, cutting on the black horizontal lines shown on the diagram.

pumpkin cube pop up

Create two pumpkin leaves using the pattern on the diagram. Score on dotted lines and cut out.

Fold prop in half. Fold flaps at the top and bottom down and to the outside. Glue the center section of the prop together. Do NOT glue down the flaps.

pumpkin cube pop up

Fold the loose square with the light orange center in half along the score line. Spread glue on flaps of one end of the prop. Fan the flaps out and glue the prop into the crease of the square. The fold lines of the flaps should be lined up with the crease in the square. Allow to dry.

pumpkin cube pop up

Glue square with light orange center to the top of the left square, matching the pattern. (You will need to rotate the loose piece 90° anti-clockwise.)

pumpkin cube pop up

Fold the pumpkin in half along its face.

Flip it so you are seeing the back of the square you just glued. Fold down this square (the one with the light orange center) along the fold line and glue it to the top of the square where they meet.

pumpkin cube pop up

Fold the second loose square along the fold line.

Match pattern, then glue to the back of the pumpkin on each side.

pumpkin cube pop up

pumpkin cube pop up

Glue half-circle end of each leaf to the inside of the cube sides. The leaves need not be exactly centered on the cube sides; you can just eyeball it.

pumpkin cube pop up

Grab the prop and collapse the pumpkin. It should fold in half down the face, with the top of the pumpkin folded to the inside.

Select a base card and fold it in half.

Lay pumpkin on base card with prop feet folded back and the prop fold pushed into the card fold. Fold back the leaf. Spread glue on the leaf and prop foot. Push prop firmly into crease. Close card and flip it over. Partially open the card and glue the other prop foot and the other leaf.

pumpkin cube pop up

Close the card, making sure the prop feet are pressed firmly into the crease of the base card. Put a weight on it and let it dry.

pumpkin cube pop up

Score and cut out stem. Fold up the ends on the scored lines. Glue the stem together, leaving folded up ends unglued.

Spread the bottom pieces out and glue the stem into crease on the top of the pumpkin. You will have to turn it 90° from the way it was intended to be attached, aligning the fold of the pumpkin with the folds of the stem.

pumpkin cube pop up

I added additional leaves as decoration.

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1CardCreator said...

Cute and clever too!

crayola58 said...

Now these are just flat out wonderful. I love them all but mostly I love that bat.