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Oct 19, 2011

Origamic Architecture Skull

Día de los Muertos pop up card
This pop up design takes its inspiration from papel picado--traditional paper cutting for Día de los Muertos. Great for Halloween, too.
I modified the gridded skull pattern from a crochet design by Gurman Fravor.
How to make an origamic architecture skull
Download pattern: PDF or DXF or SVG (with score lines) or SVG (without score lines).

Files download for free; contribute what you wish.  Suggested amount for this design: $1.99.

Score red and green lines, cut blue lines.
Green lines are mountain folds, red lines are valley folds.
skull pop up card
Crease the jaw folds. Push the jaw up until it tucks under the head and crease firmly.
Crease the long pieces attaching the top of the head to the bottom of the jaw.
Crease the top of the head. Now pop up the folds along the right and left sides of the top of the head. I push the head toward the top with one hand (below the nose) and use the other hand to pinch the folds.
The lower jaw piece remains loose until you glue the cut piece to the base card.
calavera pop up card
Fold the entire piece flat by pushing it toward the top of the head.
origamic architecture skull
Flip piece to the (mostly) uncut side.
Apply glue as shown, including the tab on the bottom of the jaw.
calavera origamic architecture
Push the center creases of the cut piece into the center crease of your base card. The cut edge of the jaw will also align with the center crease of the base card.
Close the card and flip it over.
Open the card and glue the other side as shown.
Día de los Muertos origamic architecture
Close the card, weight it, and allow to dry.
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G-ma said...

Not sure how to download this svg with fold lines...comes up to a pic and when I click on it it does not offer save as or view....

Carol said...

Right click on the link and select "save target as"

eunice said...

Wow, Carol! This is over-the-top AMAZING! I only wish I had even half the amount of patience and creativity you possess...thank you for generously sharing the tutorial and svg.

Monica said...

Thanks i made this today for a friend for his birthday. he collect DOD scuptures and his birthday is Nov. 1.

Itai Frenkel said...

thanks I have used that to my tech project

Cedar Glass said...

This is a great project! Do you have a silhouette studio file for this one? I would be forever grateful! :)

Carol said...

The DXF version will open in Studio--you don't need Designer Edition. Email me if you can't figure out how to create the cut and score lines in Studio.