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Sep 4, 2011

Pumpkin Sliceform

sliceform pumpkin

A reader alerted me to the fact that apparently I never posted a tutorial and templates for the solid sliceform pumpkin I showed way back in 2008.

So here it is!

How to make a simple sliceform pumpkin

--Download template PDF or SVG1, SVG2, SVG3 or DXF1, DXF2, DXF3.
SCUT file, made by Sue W. (Yay Sue!).

Files download for free; contribute what you wish.  Suggested amount for this design: $1.99.

pumpkin sliceform

pumpkin sliceform
pumpkin sliceform

Cut page 1 and page 3 once. Cut page 2 twice.

--Start assembling the slices.

Slide pieces #1 (brown) and #2 (beige) together at their center slots.

pumpkin sliceform

Now work out from the center, adding pieces.

Add the two #4 pieces (yellow circles).

Add one piece #4 by sliding its center slot into the first empty side slot of piece #1.

pumpkin sliceform

Slide the second piece #4 into the other side slot of piece #1.

pumpkin sliceform

Add the two #3 pieces (orange circles) at 90° angles to the #4 pieces.

 Slide the center slot of piece #3 onto the side slot of piece #2.
pumpkin sliceform

Join pieces #3 and #4 together.

You will have to twist and turn the slices gently to get the slots to line up and slide together.

First one side...
pumpkin sliceform

...then the other.

pumpkin sliceform

When both pieces are added it will look like this.

Finally, add pieces #5 and #6 in the last set of slots of pieces #1 and #2.

Attach both #5 pieces to piece #1.

pumpkin sliceform

Then to #3 pieces.

pumpkin sliceform

pumpkin sliceform

Attach #6 pieces to piece #2.

pumpkin sliceform

Then to #4 pieces.

pumpkin sliceform

--Add the stem.

Fold each stem piece in half.

pumpkin sliceform

Slide the #7 stem piece down against the #2 piece. The center bottom of the #7 stem slides into the slot of the #1 piece.

sliceform pumpkin

Check that one side of the stem is on either side of the #2 piece.

pumpkin sliceform

Slide the #8 stem into the #7 stem, opening it out slightly as it slides down so one side of the #8 piece is on either side of piece #1.

sliceform pumpkin

When the stem is in the right position dab a little glue under it to affix it to pieces #1 and #2.

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Creations by Patti said...

Awesome pumpkin...thanks for the tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all..........hugs, P

Shelly Schmidt said...

Thanks for this template- cannot wait to play!!!