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Lenticular Pop Up Card

Tilt the card one way and you get this view.

lenticular pop up card

Turn it the other way to see this.

lenticular pop up card

Straight on the card looks like this.

lenticular pop up card

In the strictest sense, by the way, this is not a true lenticular image but a lenticular effect, as there is no lenticular lens involved.

This is my second try. My first card was two shots of waves splashing against rocks. It didn't work at all.

I learned several things about photo choices for lenticular cards. First, the two photos should not have similar tones--that is, one should be relatively light and one should be relatively dark. Second, do not pick photos with strong horizontal lines.

Scenery pictures with a horizon don't work very well. When you look at the card the horizon stair-steps in a disconcerting way. There was an unexpected horizontal line in my boat picture. See how the water line on the ferry gets wonky unless you're holding the card at just the right angle?

lenticular pop up card

So, that's just a teaser. Go dig through your pictures for some likely candidates and come back in a couple days for the tutorial.

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