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Lenticular Pop Up Card Tutorial

If the animation isn't showing up, link to it here.
How to make a lenticular effect pop up card
Select two landscape orientation photos for the card. They should be of contrasting value--one lighter and one darker. Do not choose photos with strong horizontal elements like a horizon.
Hand Cut Method
Resize each photo to 5" x 3" and print.
Slice each photo vertically into five 1" strips.
lenticular pop up card lenticular pop up card

Cut a piece of cardstock for the accordion fold base: 3" tall and 10" wide.
Score vertically at 1" intervals and accordion pleat.
Arrange picture slices on accordion, in order from left to right, alternating slices from the two pictures. Glue slices to accordion.
lenticular pop up card
Photoshop Method
I used Photoshop Elements. Most photo editing programs will have similar capabilities.
Open your photos. Resize each photo to 5" x 3" (Image/Resize/Image Size).
Open a new blank document and set the size to 10" x 3" (File/New/Blank File).
Turn on the Grid (View/Grid) and set it to 1" squares (Edit/Preferences/Grid). Enable snap-to grid (View/Snap to/Grid).
Select far left-hand 1" strip of one photo with the select tool. Your selection box should snap to the grid and give you a strip 1" wide by 3" high.
lenticular pop up card
Copy the strip and paste it into your blank file, moving it to the far-left hand strip. It should snap into place.
Select far left-hand strip of the second photo and copy and paste it in the new document next to the first strip. Continue copying and pasting strips from the two photos until all 10 pieces have been transferred.
Print the combined picture and cut around the perimeter.
Score and crease along the strips to form an accordion.
lenticular pop up card
Making the pop up elements
From a piece of cardstock cut a base card 4" by 11". Score center fold.
lenticular pop up card
Cut the two remaining pieces and create two rectangular pop up boxes. Cut along black lines, score along red lines. Curl around, overlap the ends and glue. The open end will measure 2" x 1". The height of the box is 2.25".
lenticular pop up card
Glue the boxes to the back of the two center accordion pleats as shown. The boxes are not as tall as the accordion. You can line up the bottom edges of the box and the pleat if you're obsessive, but it doesn't really matter.
lenticular pop up card
Fold the accordion in half, collapsing both boxes.
lenticular pop up card
Push the center fold of the accordion into the center fold of the base card.
lenticular pop up card
Spread glue on the sections indicated. Close the cards and flip it over.
lenticular pop up card
Glue the other side in the same way. Close the card and allow to dry.
lenticular pop up card
lenticular pop up card
This top view shows the rectangles glued behind the accordion.
lenticular pop up card
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