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Bad (W)rap

mummy card
bandages card
I made this get well card for one of my husband's co-workers who recently suffered a concussion. Couldn't resist the pun.
The design idea came from a mummy card from CornerstoneLAE.
It's pretty self explanatory.
The wrapped front is a separate piece (off white) from the card (green). I suggest you do not wrap the gauze around and around the front and back of the card. I placed a strip where I wanted it and then cut it to barely wrap to the back of the card, where I taped the ends. This reduces bulk and lets you put every strip exactly where you want it. I squirted a little white glue under the gauze any place it seemed loose.
The nose padding is a half a cotton ball wadded up with a little white glue and slipped under the gauze strip.
I let the whole front panel dry completely before gluing it to the card front.
This mailed very well in an empty CD case.
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