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Apr 2, 2011

Sliceform Paperweight Tutorial

acetate sliceform paperweight
How to make an acetate sliceform with a flower inside
You should have a basic understanding of sliceform assembly before attempting this design.
Download cutting files PDF or DXF1 and DXF2 or SVG1 and SVG2
I recycled some thin acetate divider pages from a business report. I cut it with my Craft Robo set for thick media. I used a slow cutting speed and cut around each shape three times. (For comparison sake, I need to do two passes to cut Bazzil card stock.) You will need to do a test cut with your acetate and machine combination to see what works. Or you can hand cut the pieces!
Cut the acetate page twice, giving you 2 each of the 4 different pieces.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Cut the flower centers and petals, and the leaves, and score the petals if your machine does not do that for you.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Match one flower A piece to the leaf piece with the middle slot on the bottom. Glue bottom tabs of flower to leaves. Flip the leaf piece over and glue the other flower A piece to the back.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slot together leaf pieces at centers.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slide one flower B piece into the slot of flower A. Turn to the back and slide the other piece in. Be sure the bottom tabs of both flower pieces B are visible on either side of the leaf piece. Glue.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slot the leaf piece into the center bottom slot of one acetate L2 piece.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Dab a little glue on the bottom tabs of one petal piece. I like glue tape for this because it isn't messy.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slide the petal above the slot on the leaf piece. Press the petal against the acetate to get the glue to stick.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slot one L1 piece into place, at right angles to L2. Add the other L2 piece.
Add petals to the L1 piece and the second L2 piece.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slot the other L1 piece into place.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Add the last petal piece. You may need tweezers to help you. I use a pencil on the inside and my finger on the outside to push the petal against the acetate.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slot S2 acetate pieces in place.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Start slotting one S1 piece in place. Bend it slightly to slip it inside of S2. Slide the four regular slots together first.
acetate sliceform paperweight
Slide the pointed tab of S1 into the closed slot on S2. Slide it up in the closed slot until the bottom tab can slip through, then slide down into place.
acetate sliceform paperweight
sliceform acetate paperweight
Attach the other three closed slots and tabs on the S1 and S2 pieces.
sliceform acetate paperweight
The paperweight will fold flat if, as you fold, you slip one set of flower petals behind the flower petals of the piece next to it.
sliceform acetate paperweight
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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Elements post on Apr. 02, 2011. Thanks again.

TanySol said...

Thanks for the cutting files!!!!
Beautiful flower!!!!!
Thanks! Thanks!

Trisha said...

Phenomenally gorgeous project! Your tutorial is great too. I might try this for my grandmother for mother's day. Thank you for sharing the files.

Gabriela Rodríguez said...

Thank you so much for the cutting files, I need learn the art of Pop-Ups! If you need some inspiration to make pop-up cards, visit this web site: http://cp.c-ij.com/en/index.html