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Sliceform Card Stand

sliceform pop up card heart

Here's how to make the frame stand for the sliceform heart as shown in my Valentine's Day post.

The sliceform heart I used can be purchased from Rich at Creative Pop Ups. (Regrettably, it's not a free file anymore.)

Or, uou can download my  free files for a solid sliceform heart here.

sliceform valentine heart

Or a lattice (open) sliceform heart here.

The finished dimensions of the frame are: height approximately 7.5", width: 5.75", depth of the base: 1.5".

How to make the frame

Cut two pieces the same, following the diagram for dimensions.

Score and crease on red lines.

Before assembling the frame, you may want to reinforce the sides or the top bar with glued-on card stock strips if your hanging piece is heavy.

Overlap the bottoms of the pieces, aligning the creases across the centers of the bases. Glue one on top of the other.

Heavily crease the fold across the center of the base. Fold up the frame sides.

Tape the thread of your hanging piece to the wrong side of one top bar.

Glue the top edges together.

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