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Jan 29, 2011

Paper Piercing Birthday Card

paper piercing card

That's piercing not piecing!

This is a brand new technique for me. I got the pattern from Gem's Cottage. I forgot to cut the window out before I did the piercing, so I just glued the bird picture to the front.

I have no idea how you're supposed to do this craft.

I printed out the pattern and taped it to the back of the off-white card. I laid the card, pattern side up, on a doubled-up bath towel and used a common pushpin to poke the holes. (I tried corrugated cardboard at first, but it was too hard to pull the pin back out.) It occurred to me later that I could have used the little awl-like thing from that dissecting kit that's in the basement....somewhere. My fingers got a big cramp in them from holding that little tack.

The bird picture is from this book, which I've had for years and years.

happy birthday card

I cut the inside on my Craft Robo.

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Mima said...

Hola Carol,
What a lovely card! I hope to try this form of card making. Awesome, simply, awesome! TFS, Mima

Dr Sonia S V said...

Super Cool Carol
Really admire you for all the different card making techniques you try out.Truly Inspiring.
Dr Sonia S V

michelle said...

That is soooo pretty! I am going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

Use a thin sheet of craft foam under your paper. Less paper flex that way. An awl is absolutely the way to go. You can also use various size needles pushed into a small rubber ball. Piercing tools are the best and not too expensive. Depending on your comfort level you can also use your sewing machine.

Myrna said...

I was so pleased to see your paper piercing card. It is lovely. When I first started cards I did what you are doing only I embroidered some patterns. An old mouse pad works wonders and you can buy a paper punching tool at the Dollar store.

Sue from Oregon said...

This is beautiful...I have always wanted to give this a try!

Kim said...

Lovely! I use a mouse pad and insert a needle into my craft knife...after taking out the blade...lol! Thanks for reminding me how lovely this is!

Kerrie said...

Well Carol, you are a pro already, such a fabulous card.

Anna said...

Wow! These cards are really lovely!! I loved the one with the paper piercing and the bird in the middle. They are awesome!

WhiteRacoon said...

Great job with piercing! It always looks so sophisticated that you don't need any more embellishments!
Carol, I've been following you long enough and would love to say a huge THANK YOU for sharing, for inspiration and good mood your blog always provides! If you wish, come to my blog and take a blog award I'd like to give you a sign of my gratefulness =)(http://blog.whiteracoon.ru/2011/02/blog-awards.html)
Have a good day!

Mima said...

Hola Carol,
I finally got around to creating my version of a Paper Piercing card. Thanks for your idea and inspiration. I enjoyed creating the card, it was a wonderful feeling to see what I came up with. Thanks again for your tutorials and ideas. Please stop by and see what your paper piercing technique help me create. Hugs and TFS

Carol said...

Mima, I can't find it--is it in the slideshow?