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Paper Piercing Birthday Card

paper piercing card

That's piercing not piecing!

This is a brand new technique for me. I got the pattern from Gem's Cottage. I forgot to cut the window out before I did the piercing, so I just glued the bird picture to the front.

I have no idea how you're supposed to do this craft.

I printed out the pattern and taped it to the back of the off-white card. I laid the card, pattern side up, on a doubled-up bath towel and used a common pushpin to poke the holes. (I tried corrugated cardboard at first, but it was too hard to pull the pin back out.) It occurred to me later that I could have used the little awl-like thing from that dissecting kit that's in the basement....somewhere. My fingers got a big cramp in them from holding that little tack.

The bird picture is from this book, which I've had for years and years.

happy birthday card

I cut the inside on my Craft Robo.

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