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Christmas cards are done!

Our theme was NOEL. The joke hinges on knowing that our older daughter is away at college and that her initials are E.L. So..."No E.L." Get it?

Christmas card 2010

card inside

card 2010

When you open the card completely there is a folded tree with our Christmas letter printed on the inside. The tree is adhered to the card with two glue dots, one on each bottom corner of the tree. The tree has to be able to move around as the card folds or the card doesn't fold.

card inside

I cut and scored the trees with my Craft Robo using registration marks for print and cut.

tree fold

tree fold

To accommodate the bulk of the tree I had to slit the back of the card. The tree can bulge through a little when the card is folded up, but then lies flat when the card is open. I was pretty proud of myself for this.

card back

The envelopes were personalized with a bird's eye photo of the recipient's neighborhood.

Christmas envelope

The idea came from Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik's Google maps envelope, but the idea doesn't work so well when you live on the east coast. Not to mention that this is only a concept, not a real app. There is a real app that will print an envelope from a Google map for you, but I didn't want the text box and the pin in the map.

I used some Bing maps (bird's eye) and some Google maps, depending on which had the better resolution photo.