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Aug 18, 2010

Space Invaders Pop Up Tutorial

8 bit space invaders pop up card

I couldn't resist trying a Space Invader origamic architecture pop up after seeing the Pacman guy from Cut Score Fold and Glue.

Took me awhile to figure out how to do the single blocks on the antennae, not to mention the bottom with those sides with no visible means of support.

How to make an origamic architecture pop up space invader card

Download template in PDF, or DXF page 1 and DXF page 2.

8 bit space invaders pop up card

space invader pop up card

Cut page 1 and 2 from contrasting colors.

Cut black lines. Score and fold red fold lines.

Cut and fold the single cubes at the top very gently. Each is attached to the rest of the antenna by a fragile triangular bridge.

space invader pop up card

Once the invader is cut and folded, slide the background cut out onto it. Glue.

space invader pop up card

space invader pop up card

space invader pop up card

Back with black card.

space invader pop up card
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Trisha said...

Thanks you! This is really a fun card! I remember my Dad had the OLD Atari with only the ping pong on it.(Boring.) Then the Space Invaders came along-- woo-hoo!

1CardCreator said...

This is adorable! Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

craftycardmaker said...

Wow, does this ever take me back a few years! You got the coloring just perfect. How clever!

Ron said...

Cool color combo!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for bringing back the old school. I love this - thanks for sharing.

Tohnia said...

I am not sure how you would be able to glue the black card to the Space Invader. Maybe i'm just not seeing it, but I have no clue!

cpeep said...

After the card is cut and creased, open it (to 90 degrees). Look at it from the wrong side. The parts you cut and folded are pushed forward from the rest of the flat card. You will put glue only on the FLAT part, not the cubes that are pushed forward.

Now look at the bottom, the other half of the card. Again, you will see parts that are cut and pushed up or forward. Do not put glue on those, just the flat part around the edges.

Fold a piece of backing card in half. With glue on the flat parts of the card, push the fold of the space invader into the fold of the backing card.

Pearly said...

Just to let you know the dfx links no longer work =[

cpeep said...

For the DXF, RIGHT click, then click "Save Target As"