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Pop Up Village (Tutorial Part 3)

pop up village

Last part of the pop up village! All of your houses should be glued to the wreath base. In this tutorial we will make the flowers that go between the pop up houses and glue them to the base.

Make the flowers

Gather a variety of double sided paper. Avoid using card stock--learn from my mistake {head slap}--it's hard to cut and fold, and the finished wreath will not fold as flat as it should.

Cut 18 pieces of paper, each one 2.5" square. Make and flatten 18 flowers following the directions from the seven flower pop up card.

Glue the flowers together into six sets of three flowers

Apply glue on flowers 1 and 2 as shown. Lay flower 2 on top of flower 1, lining up petals. Lay flower 3 on top of flowers 1 and 2, aligning petals.

pop up flowers

Glue flowers to wreath

You want two flowers to open toward the outer (larger) circle of the wreath and one flower to open toward the inner (smaller) circle.

pop up flowers

Turn one flower set so that flowers 1 and 3 are pointed toward the outside of the wreath ring, and flower 2 is pointed toward the inside of the ring.

Dot glue on flower 3 as shown. Line up the flower set, glue side down, with the center line of one of the wreath trapezoids. Dot glue on flower 1.

pop up flowers

Fold trapezoid at crease line, pushing the flower set firmly into the fold. Weight or clip and let dry. Repeat for remaining 5 flower sets.

pop up flowers

I cut out some leaves and glued them under my flowers to fill in the bare spots. Each leaf needs to be completely on one side or the other of the trapezoid center line. If you glue a leaf across the line it will get funky folds in it and add bulk to the fold.

pop up village

To display your pop up village, slide the joining tab under the cut line where you cut the wreath apart. Fasten together with a paperclip, or attach Velcro dots, or use card magnets.

If your wreath doesn't want to sit flat on the table, stick something small and heavy inside each house. I used some dead smoke detector batteries.

To fold, collapse each house and then follow the folding directions in Tutorial Part 2.

pop up house