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Pop Up Village (Tutorial Part 1)

Making your pop up village is going to take a few days, so let's start with the houses.

Construct six houses as shown in this post about gingerbread houses.

The fastest way is to use patterned or plain card stock. Print the template on the back of the paper and cut it out. Glue the house together and attach the roof, then stop. (Do not glue the house to a base. You will be gluing all six houses to one big circular base.)

Of course, I can't do things the fast and easy way, right? I used various graphics and dropped them onto the template using CorelDraw. (If you want a vector version of the template email me and I'll send it along. I can save in a variety of formats compatible with most graphics programs.)

For example, these seed packet graphics came from Dover Books.

Here are some free graphics sites to get you started.

Cathe Holden

Dover Books

Shabby Princess

Suzee Que

Travel Posters

The Graphics Fairy

Okay, got your six houses? Great! Next we'll make the base.

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