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Lotus Flower Basket

lotus flower basket
My flower basket is based on an Easter basket from Spacestation42. By varying the angle of the weavers the basket is more open or closed. This is a wider top version that resembles a lotus blossom.
How to make a lotus flower basket

Download template.


Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

Cut the template twice. You will have two pinwheel shaped pieces.

Flip one pinwheel over.

Lay one pinwheel on top of the other. Slide the arms of the top pinwheel underneath the arms of the bottom pinwheel.

lotus flower basket

Tug the arms and turn the pinwheels in opposite directions until they are tight against each other. This makes the bottom of the basket.

Number the arms very lightly with pencil as shown.

lotus flower basket

Weave white arm 1: over green 8, under white 2. Paperclip to green 1.

lotus flower basket
lotus flower basket

Weave white arm 2: over green 1, under white 3. Paperclip to green 2.

Weave white arm 3: over green 2, under white 4. Paperclip to green 3.

Repeat for arms 4-7.

When you get to white and green arms 8, they just clip together.

lotus flower basket
lotus flower basket

Notice on my basket the weave is over over at the tips of the arms.

lotus flower basket

Depending on your paper colors and design, you may prefer to switch the arms so the other color (here it would be white) is on top. I liked the pink on top of white better even though it messed with the weave pattern.

Once you decide which way to finish the ends, start gluing!

This is what the inside looks like.

lotus flower basket