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Sheet Music Origami Star

Blogger reposted this, mysteriously, with today's date (11/2/2014).  I don't know why! Hope no one is too confused!

I'm still gluing and re-gluing little pieces onto Christmas cards. The mailed ones are done and gone. Now I'm working on the to-be-hand-delivered crowd. I don't think I've ever been this late finishing. Give a big oh well! to that.

While I was waiting for the glue to dry yesterday I revisited a project from last summer: five pointed origami stars . I liked the black and white ones that Kellie made so much that I decided to try a couple using sheet music.

I couldn't bear to cut up the really old and yellowed violin books that came from my in-laws. But digging down in the pile I found some never-will-be-missed trombone music from when my daughter was in elementary school.

Added a few beads and and sparkly pipe cleaner to make a hanger!

origami star
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