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Skull Sliceform

My inspiration for this piece was the Day of the Dead sugar skulls decorated with flowers. I thought it would be cool to put a candle inside, like I did with the pumpkin sliceform.

pumpkin sliceform

Let's not even talk about how to get flowers on the darn thing--the skull is giving me conniptions.

I have probably spent (wasted) a good 20 hours on this sliceform and I'm not satisfied with it. The slices distract from the contours of the face and it just looks like a big blob of nothing.

skull sliceform

The open (lattice) version looks especially weird from the side.

The closed (solid slices) version keeps sliding apart.

This was my last attempt to salvage it, with some shading. It only looks this good with careful lighting, and only from one angle.

skull sliceform

Nope. Not working for me.

Put that in the Craft Fail bin.

My advice? Buy this one from Cardboard Safari.

skull sliceform

Unless someone else wants to take a crack at it? You're welcome to the template or the cutting file.

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