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Lattice Window Pop Up Card

The picture in the window is from an old school book. I have a whole pile of them, with wonderful illustrations. Surprisingly, I've had difficulty incorporating them into my card making, so I was happy that this one worked perfectly.

I scanned the picture so I could print it on studier paper. And I can use it more than once, and I didn't have to destroy the picture on the reverse of the page.

You may recognize this card as a simple box.

pop up card

Similar to this window card.

window pop up card

Constructing the window pop up card 

Download file set: Silhouette Studio, SVG, DXF, PDF.

If you are printing the template, print on the wrong side of your paper.
Score all folds. Cut out window along solid black lines. With the right side of the card facing you, refer to folding template (below). Mountain fold green lines. Valley fold red lines.

Glue picture to back of window, covering the entire opening.

I cut colored paper to fit around the window and glued it to the inside of the card. You can leave it plain if you prefer.

Glue entire window piece to a folded backing card.