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3D House Papercraft Birthday Card

Somehow I stumbled upon a page of little paper house models on Fold 4 World. Good luck finding them from the Home page--who would think to click on the "Shopping" tab?
I like the idea of the rotating message, but a calendar didn't suit my needs so I changed the window to read "Happy Birthday".
house papercraft
If you're truly compulsive you could change the wording before you print. I didn't bother, I just used the reverse (blank) side of the spinning pieces, #11 and #14, and printed out my own message to glue on each.
The house goes together pretty easily. My only suggestion is to be sure to test fit #11 inside #8 and #14 inside #13 to make sure they turn easily before you glue them. (You know I had to re-do them, right?) You can make those two turning parts a little smaller if you need to, it won't show when you're finished.
I added a little glitter on some of the edges where I had a bit of white card stock showing.