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Victorian House Tunnel Book

house tunnel card

house tunnel card

A pop up card designed like a tunnel book

The scherenschnitte house is from paper cutters , from the Victorian Country Collection book.

If you click on the picture to open a larger view you can see I need to clean my cut file up a bit. See all the whiskers?

The scenery is from a postcard of Mount Rainier. I got it from Vintage Seattle.

I really like these old linen postcards for background. The back piece can be the whole postcard, or just part. For the middle piece I started with a duplicate copy of the postcard and messed around with it in Photoshop until I liked what I had. A little more water...a little more tree here and there. Sometimes the middle layer is better if you use a horizontally mirrored copy of the postcard. You can also use another picture altogether! I put together a whole bunch of pictures to make a Christmas card a year or so ago.

tunnel book

My favorite method for making a tunnel book is here. Notice the use of two pleats on either side, so the middle layer is straight across, not tilted toward the back of the card. Adjust the height of the pleats to fit the postcard.