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May 25, 2009

Spiky Flowers

porcupine ball flower

This is a variation on a Polish ornament called porcupine...uh...balls. No, not the meatball thingies with rice sticking out. (Hey, does that recipe work for anyone? The only time I tried it the rice never cooked and I ended up with little nasty meatballs with hard chunks in them.)

I suppose it's technically a Christmas ornament, especially if you make it with foil paper.

I think it makes a chrysanthemum-ish flower,

porcupine ball flower

or a companion doo-dad to the spinners I made last week. I can see these alternated on a garland, can't you?

porcupine ball flower

How to make Polish Porcupine Flowers

Cut three circles, all the same size. I used 3" square origami paper and drew circles using a compass.

Fold each circle in half, then in quarters and then in eighths. Unfold.

Use a compass to draw a 1" circle in the center of each circle.

Slash along the crease lines, from the outer edge toward the center, stopping at the inner circle.

porcupine ball flower

The circle now has eight petals. Pre-curl each petal toward its center. I like to pull each edge around a knitting needle, somewhat like pulling ribbon against a scissor blade to curl it.

porcupine ball flower

Roll the petal edges, one side around the other. I roll each petal back and forth until the point is pointy enough, then open up the edge and use a glue pen to fasten.

porcupine ball flower

porcupine ball flower

Here are the circles, start to finish.

porcupine ball flower

Finished circles, both sides shown. (The side with the white is the back. The smooth, all colored side is the front.)

These are not "fast and easy" to make. It takes a good long time to roll, glue, and hold each petal to dry.

porcupine ball flower

Now. If you were making an ornament, you would need a whole bunch of these. Exactly how many depends upon the size of the circle you start with and the thickness of your paper. See instructions here for a CD size porcupine.

But we're making a flower from three pieces.

Lay all three circles right side up, stacked on top of each other.

porcupine ball flower

Fasten through the center with thread.

porcupine ball flower

Use a button, bead, or even a piece of cardboard to keep the thread from pulling through the paper.

Use more circles to make a fluffier flower.

porcupine ball flower

porcupine ball flower

Mine are made from plain colored paper as it makes the construction easier to see. I think they are more attractive made from patterned paper--hides the seams!


The Social Frog said...

These are very pretty. I know I have not commented before but I have been following your blog and I enjoy it very much! You have been given an award:

Samdisha said...

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Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Fun ornament. And re: porcupine meatballs -- love these -- one of my favorite meals. I normally cook mine in a pressure cooker, but last week used a crockpot and either work great.

biography books said...

so beautiful with knob at middle design.

Term papers said...

This is a great technique! This is a fabulous flower. I need to make some of these. It´s fast, easy and amazing.What a great photo instruction for making Spiky flowers. I was always afraid of making them. I should give it a try now.

Lefkada said...

I will try this flower too. I like having flowers in my office, but I hate it when I cut them from the garden.

Anonymous said...

For the recipe - use 'Minute Rice' - cooks with no problem.