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Paper Corner Bookmark

paper corner bookmark
Remember the old trick of using the cut-off corner of an envelope as a quick and easy bookmark?
This is the same idea, with a pattern cut into it. (I used my CraftRobo). The butterfly is from a font called Butterfly Heaven and the doo-hickie is from Fleurons. I'm guessing they came from Dafont and Urban Fonts.

How to make a paper corner bookmark.

Download and cut the file.

Score the square, as shown, on the dotted lines.

Cut away the back triangle, just outside the scored lines. This makes your fold flaps just a little smaller than the front triangle.

Fold in one flap.

Fold in the other flap.

Open out one flap and spread glue on the other.

Close flaps.

Flip it over. You will end up with a triangular pocket that slides over the corner of your book page.

I want to try some designs from DF Diversions LET,too. Oooo, like this coffee cup and pot maybe?