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Hearts and Butterfly Spinner Card

hearts and butterfly spinner card
I don't own any Nestabilities, but I covet them. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon ScrappedLives, a site with free .cut files based on Nestabilities.

I thought the heart one would make a great spinner card. In my daydream it would look like a wind spinner, like this one from

And then the technical difficulties started. First of all, .cut files only work on Cricut machines and I have a Craft Robo. The only solution was to suck it up and draw my own pattern. Next problem: the pieces needed some free space between them to prevent them from bumping. I eliminated every second round, which left too much space, so I had to tweak the sizes a little. And then...the scallops made the pieces too irregular and they were hanging up on each other. Redrew, redrew, using the "auto simplify" and "smooth" functions in CorelDraw to eliminate some of the nodes.

I really wanted to put this beautiful butterfly from agence eureka in the middle.

So I scaled it to fit and oh my, it was veryvery tiny! WhatEVer. I printed two, mirror image, and used Mel's idea of scribbling all over them with Sakura glaze pens to bring out the colors and add a little sheen.

Assembled the hearts on a piece of fishing line (bit of tape, bit of card stock to cover) in the window of the card. Glued the butterflies back to back with the fishing line in between. And the NEXT problem: where to put the sentiment? The inside of the card shows through the heart front. Duh, why didn't I realize that?

This one's going back in the "works in progress" file.
Download the pattern here if you want to give it a try!